Scholar takes the stage

Sophomore Derly Vela, of Northmoor Country Club, will be taking the Marquette Theater Program by storm, as he stars in the Program’s show Working. Nick Belsanti, a junior from Park Ridge Country Club, took part in the show as well by assisting with the stage crew. Working is a musical based off of the book Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day And How They Feel About What They Do. The story follows people through a typical day in their job and allows them to express how they feel about those jobs.

Derly, who has been doing theater since his junior year of high school, played Raj Chadha, Eddie Jaffe, Utkarsh Trajillo and Charlie Blossom. His favorite part of performing is being able to watch the audience experience the show for the first time, and being able to parallel their emotions to his own. Likewise, he enjoys, “connecting with the characters and feeling your own hopes and desires protruding from you as theirs.” He comments that while playing one character, who is a caretaker, he thought about how he would handle having to care for his own parents and that doing this, “makes the character come to life, and makes them much more dynamic.”

Although he has a passion for the stage, Derly always ensures to get work done between his classes and before his rehearsals. “When it comes down to it, I’m here for school and I keep that in mind when I start to get really busy.” Derly would like to thank Andy Zarnowski and his big sibling, Nick Belsanti, for encouraging him to pursue theater here at Marquette and to continue to follow his passion.