First Evans Scholar added to the NRHH

Earlier this month the Marquette Evans Scholars very own Lupe Diaz was the first Evans Scholar to be added to the National Residence Hall Honorary. Lupe is a sophomore majoring in nursing and has represented the Evans Scholars in our Residence Hall Association for the past year. She was in the Caddie Academy and caddied at Indian Hill Country Club and went to St. Ignatius High School.

In order to become a representative for RHA, Lupe was nominated by our previous representative. However, in order to be added to the NRHH, you have to be nominated by either an NRHH member or a Residence Life staff member. Once nominated, an application needs to be submitted, reviewed, and an interview takes place. Finally, your portfolio is brought up to the NRHH committee and voted upon.

The National Residence Hall Honorary serves to honor those leaders within the residence halls at universities across the country by working with The Residence Hall Associations. The Residence Hall Association works to plan events on campus for the tenants of residence halls. One of these events includes HALLoween, which allows children from the surrounding neighborhood to come trick or treat on Marquette's campus. RHA also works to fund programming for individual residence halls. In fact, they even help to fund the Evans Scholars annual St. Baldrick's fundraiser. Meanwhile the NRHH works to review the impact of these events on the campus community and greater Milwaukee community. If certain events create enough of an impact, they could potentially be recognized by the state of Wisconsin or at a national level.

Lupe's comments on her time with these organizations, "Having just finished off RHA, and being accepted into NRHH, has been a blessing. I received a lot of inspiration in RHA because of all the people I met there -- all of them are bound for greatness. Being a part of that family was amazing. Getting to know these people, their stories, and seeing their dedication to the Marquette community was beyond inspiring and definitely made me strive to be a better person. I absolutely cherish the friendships I've made while being on RHA. I've also been lucky enough to get to know Laura Klinger more, on a bit of a more personal level. Because she's also involved in Residence Life at MU, we often met up right before/after the meetings, or during events, and I've been lucky enough to form a great relationship with her. I go to her for advice and counsel whenever I'm facing a big decision or contemplating making a big change in my life. Her positivity and encouragement has definitely made my time at Marquette a lot easier."

Thank you for your service, Lupe!