September surprises at Marquette

September has been a big month of changes here at Marquette! We have had many Evans Scholars represent their talents in their respective organizations.

Derly Vela, junior, just completed his last week of shows in the musical Little Women. The show takes place during the Civil War. Jo, the main character, loves to write, but her jealous sister tries to impede her creative talents. Derly played the love interest of one of the sisters in the family. His favorite part of Little Women was the soundtrack and being able to "hit all the high notes!" On top of being an actor, he was a part of the set design team. They assembled the entire set in just 26 hours.

Amiellia Wedward, freshman, was just nominated the position of Evans Scholar representative in Marquette University's Student Government (MUSG). Since she is a political science major, she could not wait to be involved with the student government body on campus. She is excited to represent the Evans Scholars in the context of the university.

Captain of the Scholarship House dodgeball team, Noah Enright, is very excited for intramural dodgeball to begin again. The "Globo Gym" team is comprised of Noah Enright, Josh Steinfels-Sanez, Kyle Johnson, David Czapla, Ethan Enright, Tommy Brannick, Cormac Lee, Joe Keys and Matt Loffredo. Last year the Scholars won the championship. David Czapla was nominated the MVP. Noah's goal this year is "obviously another win!"   

Within our House, we received a very generous donation of a pool table at the beginning of the semester. All the Scholars appreciate this gift immensely. Kyle Johnson describes using the pool table for breaks in between his schoolwork. Kyle's sentiments are echoed when he says the pool table "is a great way to get destressed!" The pool table is always being used.

We celebrated our first Family Weekend this past weekend. Families were able to spend time together while bowling, eating, and going to Mass. Lupe Diaz did a great job organizing a Family Weekend to remember!

We cannot wait to see what the rest of October brings!