October: A Time of Celebration and Remembrance

October has been a time of celebration and remembrance in the Marquette Evans (MU) Scholarship House.

First, October's Scholar of the Month was awarded to Yaneli Urquiza. Here at MU, we believe that each month, one Scholar should be noticed for their outstanding contribution to the community. Yaneli was nominated by Clare Kolacki to be the Scholar of the Month. Clare stated that, "Yaneli always puts others before herself. She is constantly reaching out to those who seem to be having a bad day."

Yaneli has always been dedicated to making the community a better place. One way that she promotes a positive environment here at the Scholarship House is by leaving little post-it notes on the back of bathroom stalls. These notes have positive words of encouragement to brighten everyone's day. Clearly, Yaneli has been a great addition to the chapter, and we are so grateful to have her here at Marquette. Congratulations Yaneli, and keep up the great work!

In a separate celebration, we had well over 10 Green Coats, Ms. Amy Lillibridge, Mr. Jeff Harrison, and Mr. Sam Maciejewski visit our Scholarship House on Oct. 30 for a memorial Botanas dinner in honor of John F. Maloney. Mr. Maloney had been a longtime supporter of the Evans Scholarship and Marquette. He played an integral part in the renovation of the MU Scholarship House. Besides building our House, Mr. Maloney built many relationships and touched the lives of many MU Scholars. This dinner was in honor of Mr. Maloney for his work, dedication, and the love he showed to us as Scholars. We are forever grateful for Mr. Maloney and his family.