Looking back on our term

Before the end of the semester, the E-Board has decided to reflect on the most rewarding experience of their term. Overall, all E-Board members are thankful for this experience, and ready to pass down their position to the newest executive board of the Marquette Evans Scholarship House!

President AJ Folino
AJ was proud to serve as the president because it offered him an opportunity to give back to the Scholarship House. He loved having a direct impact on the people inside the Scholarship House and on the future of the Evans Scholars Program. He had the unique opportunity to be a part of two great executive board teams that each were able to overcome their own challenges together and gain real-world leadership experience.

Executive Vice President Lupe Diaz
Lupe states that the most rewarding experience was definitely Enrichment Week. She loved seeing all the faces of the newest members of the Marquette family.

Vice President of New Scholars Matt Kettering
Matt states the most rewarding aspect of the VPNS position was being able to watch both individuals and the group grow as a whole. He felt privileged to watch 16 young adults come into the Marquette Evans Scholarship House and begin to shape their future selves. Serving as a mentor, friend and confidant during what can prove to be an extremely difficult transitionary period was one of the most worthwhile experiences of his college career, and he feels like he learned more from the New Scholars than he taught them. He is truly sad to see his term come to an end.

Vice President of Administration Ivan Reyes
Ivan's favorite part of his position was being able to showcase the Scholarship House when the Alumni, Green Coats, and/or guests came to visit. It brought him joy when the guests commented on the cleanliness of the Scholarship House.

Vice President of Finance Jack Neylon
As the VP of finance, Jack learned a great deal about accountability, timeliness and teamwork. The VP of finance worked very closely with fellow E-Board members to ensure that they could fulfill their duties and have the monetary means to do so. Through his position, he was able to understand the importance of good communication to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Overall, E-Board was an extremely rewarding experience for Jack. He encourages other to run for E-Board if they are on the fence, since it is one of the greatest ways to give back to the Scholarship and pave the way for future Scholars.

Vice President of Communications Katie Coy
Katie states the most rewarding experience was her relationship with the New Scholars. From the beginning, she loved being there on the first day of Enrichment Week in order to mold the New Scholars into the Scholars they are today. She remembers the E-Board when she was a New Scholar and how much they helped her not only survive her freshman year, but thrive at Marquette. She was excited to be in the same position to do the same for the New Scholars. She also learned a lot about working with a team of peers. Although it was difficult at times, she states this experience helped her grow as a team member and a leader.