Congratulations, Class of 2017!

Class of 2017 Graduates

Cristina Zecena- Hernandez: I was interning with Robert W. Baird for a little over a year and they extended an offer in November. Since then, I've been working on transitioning to my full-time position in the IT Client Services department, and I'm working on my certifications for IT security. My goal is to transition to IT security within the next year or so.

Corbin Rusteberg: I will be continuing with my doctor of dental surgery degree next year and will graduate with a DDS in 2020.

Jane Kolacki: After an amazing four years in the Marquette University Evans Scholar Chapter, I'm excited to graduate and become an active alumna. After graduation, I will be traveling to Paris and Amsterdam to explore before I start a full-time position mid-summer in the digital marketing field in Chicago. I look forward to maintaining my relationships with my fellow Evans Scholars, and giving back to the scholarship that made my dreams come true.

Colleen Thomas: I will be working for RA Smith National as a civil engineer I in their land development services in Brookfield.

Alex Wietecka: I will be moving back to Chicago and searching for a job at a digital marketing agency downtown.

Connor Cacciottolo: I plan on coming home to Chicago to bartend and travel for a couple of months. Then I will be moving to Los Angeles in August to pursue a career in TV & film production.

Tim Sharp: I accepted an offer at Rexnord at their industrial chain and conveyor division. I will be working as an industrial engineer helping update processes for machined parts as well as reduce costs of the manufacturing processes. I am currently looking for places to live, as I will be moving to Milwaukee this summer.

Victor Magana: I am currently waitlisted at Boston University School of Medicine and Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis from my initial application cycle for the entering class of 2017; consequently, meaning that I will be waiting for a little longer to determine whether or not I truly need to re-apply. I believe that if I move off the wait list, I would like to defer for the year and accept a position for the fall of 2018 regardless in order to have the year to work, save and prepare for the rigorous academic curriculum of medical school. If not, then the re-application cycle will be my next step because my goal is to still make it into that career field and advance in my education.

Brenda Brambila: I will be working at Gerald L. Ignace Indian Health Center, Inc. I will be living in Milwaukee and I will be getting married soon.

Megan Malloy: Starting in June, I will be working with children with special needs at Paragon Community Services in Milwaukee. I have an extra semester to complete my degree in broad field science and education, graduating in spring 2018.

Jessica Ayala: I am looking forward to giving back to the Daniel Murphy Scholarship by working as a counselor for their caddie program. Afterwards, I am planning on moving back to Milwaukee and searching for a job in the advertising industry.

Patience Blessing: After graduation I will be going on a 10-day silent retreat. Following this, I will finish building my tiny house and working from home selling insurance. I will also be doing work via WWOOF in France this upcoming spring.

Sergio De Leon: I will be continuing school next semester. I plan on graduating next year with a human resources and marketing degree.

Andy Zarnowski: I will be going home to caddie and network for full-time positions. I am also planning on acting in some shows near me.

Steve Nickison: As I co-oped last year, I will be continuing my education at Marquette as well as continuing my term as president on e-board. I will be graduating with a civil engineering degree in May of 2018.

Brendan Hopkins: I am currently searching for an associate-level position in financial services - investment related - and will be returning home to Chicago to continue my job search.