Scholars give back in the campus-wide blood drive

February was a month of great triumphs at the Marquette Evans Scholarship House!

Scholars bolstered an impressive amount of support at the campus-wide blood drive. This February, Marquette University held a campus-wide blood drive for all resident halls. The Evans Scholars learned about the blood drive through our Resident Hall Association (RHA) representative, Yaitzell Noriega. RHA serves as the governing body among all resident halls to ensure that the voices of students are heard. Each residence hall on campus receives representatives to be the liaison between the residents of the hall/apartment/house and the Association. Yaitz accepted the position of RHA representative in January after Lupe Diaz's term ended. As a freshman, she desired nothing more than to "give back to her Marquette community and the Evans Scholarship" by getting involved in RHA.

Yaitz first brought the blood drive to the Scholars' attention the during our February chapter meeting. She made sure to emphasize the importance of giving back to the Marquette community, and she also reminded Scholars that there would be a free t-shirt for all those who participated. With those great incentives in mind, on Feb. 20-21 we had an overwhelming amount of Scholars donate. While not every Scholar donated blood, we had overwhelming support passing out food and greeting other individuals at the event. The Association recognized Yaitz as the "Representative of the Week" since she got so many people (Scholars) to participate in the blood drive. Thank you to all the Scholars who gave back to the community through the Blood Center of Wisconsin!

Another Scholar who represented the Evans well is the track and field star Josh Word. Last year, Josh broke a Marquette school record for the 60m dash with a time of 6.90 seconds. This year, as a senior, Josh was the 60m dash champion at the Big East Indoor Track and Field Championship. Even though the Scholars could not be with Josh at the championships, we were all certainly watching him on TV. It was incredible for the Scholars to witness Josh achieve something he had been working so hard to obtain. Josh thanks his Evans family for all the support while training!

Overall, here in Milwaukee, we are super proud of all that our Marquette Evans Scholars are continuing to bring to the table in our Marquette community!