Baby Blanket making for Children's Hospital

The month of March has been a reflective time for the Scholars at Marquette University. Scholars have been working hard to incorporate mental health awareness into our chapter. On March 20, all chapters of Evans Scholars were invited to share a video promoting mental health awareness. This video really motivated Marquette Scholars to #EndtheStigma. In particular, this video moved Lesya Shenyuk, the wellness chair representative, to take action.

Within the next week, Shenyuk organized for a mental health professional, Kiristen Meyer, to give a fruitful presentation to the Scholars. Her presentation included two main topics: mental health awareness and how to live a mentally healthy lifestyle. A major take away from Ms. Meyer's presentation was how to make time for destressing from school. Taking this recommendation to heart, the Marquette Scholars decided to create a philanthropy event to destress.

On a Tuesday afternoon, the Scholars gathered in the basement to destress while making blankets for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Thirty-five Scholars gathered together and made over 20 blankets to donate to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children's. Many of the babies in the NICU are in need of stimulation to promote brain development. The hand-tied blankets made by the Scholars provided the perfect amount of soothing stimulation to promote neonatal development.

Reflecting back on this event, Scholar Katie Coy states that it "felt good to be giving back and making a change in [her] community, while also having an opportunity to think about something other than school."

This philanthropic event benefited both Milwaukee and the Scholar community, since it provided the perfect time to destress from school while giving back.