Congratulations to the senior class!

Each member of this senior class impacted at least one member in our Marquette chapter. Marquette University will truly miss each and every one of our seniors. They have left big shoes to fill and we could not be more proud or grateful for our wonderful leaders! Here is a little bit about what they studied at Marquette, and what they are pursuing post-graduation.

Dan Atwood studied finance with an interest in commercial banking while at Marquette. He'll be working for Wintrust in their Rotational Credit Academy Credit Analyst Program based in the Chicagoland area.

Armando Avila will be graduating with a finance degree in applied investment management. He will be moving to Chicago in June. While in Chicago, he will be starting a full-time job as a corporate finance analyst with Duff & Phelps.

Chio Cabrera studied entrepreneurship while at Marquette University. Chio will be graduating in December of 2018; however, for the summer, she will be involved with a very serious internship at Manpower Group. She is hoping to be employed with Manpower Group post-graduation.

Connor Dobbins is studying IT and will be graduating in fall of 2019. Connor will be refining his IT skills this summer through an internship with Reyes Holdings in Rosemont.

Patrick Drechsler is beginning his first year of clinical rotations on May 29. His rotations are in both the greater Milwaukee area and northern Wisconsin. Pat will be graduating in May 2019 and taking the national certification exam shortly thereafter.

Aidan Hernandez studied finance at Marquette. Aidan will be moving to Orange County, California, in May. He will be an associate at Applied Medical located in Orange County, California. At Applied Medical, he will attend a yearlong training program in which he will be learning the catalog of products that Applied Medical offers to hospitals. After the year of training, he will graduate into an account manager position.

Kaitlin King will graduate with a bachelor of science in nursing. Over the summer, she will be studying for her NCLEX exam in June. She currently works as a student technician at Lutheran General Hospital.

Nohemi Madriz studied international affairs while at Marquette University. After graduating, she will be living in Milwaukee while working part time.

Jerry Martinez double majored in criminology and history while at Marquette University. He will be staying in Milwaukee next year to hopefully secure a position working for the community.

Steven Nickison, after his co-op, will be graduating this May 2018. Steve will be moving to Tacoma, Washington, and working for a civil engineering consulting firm called AHBL. Although this was his last semester, Steve ended on a great note since he received the esteemed Father Naus Award from his fellow Scholars. "I am going to miss this community a lot."
Mary O'Connor majored in biomechanics. While she is exploring employment options in Chicago, she will be helping her older sister plan her wedding. The wedding will be occurring in June. Mary states that she is going to miss all the people in the Evans Scholarship House. "No matter the time of day, you can always find someone to talk to or do something with."

Luis Orozco is completing an IT and finance degree. Luis Orozco will be starting full time in July at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago as the first analyst of a new IT rotational program.

Janni Palijo will graduate with a bachelor of science in nursing. Over the summer, she will be studying for her NCLEX exam in June. She is also going to caddie for one last summer at her beloved Glen Oak Country Club.

Pat Quinn studied political science and history at MU. He will be looking for employment starting in May at home. Upon reflecting on his four years, he is going to, "miss living with my best friends and a community of driven intelligent, caring individuals" the most.

Jacob Schwister will be graduating with a finance degree in applied investment management. Starting in the summer, Jacob will begin working full time as an analyst at Marquette Associates in Chicago.

Josh Word will be graduating with a marketing degree. He will be working full time at Wintrust Mortgage in their downtown Chicago office as a loan officer assistant. After an amazing track career at Marquette, our fastest Scholar will be truly missed.