Welcome to the class of 2022

Since it is a new year, we have so many new faces that are now a part of our family at the Marquette Scholarship House. Below is some information (country club, major, what they are most excited for, and a fun fact) about the New Scholars who just arrived!

Cesar Aguirre: Cesar is from Skokie Country Club and is studying mechanical engineering. He is most excited about making lifelong friends in the Evans Scholarship House. Fun fact: he is a first generation college student.

Andrea Coria: Andrea is from Oak Park Country Club and is going to be studying psychology. She is thrilled to be taking classes that she is genuinely interested in while living in a new city (a "mini-Chicago" she calls it). Fun fact: she enjoys photography and taking candid shots.

Edward Flores: Eddie is from Indian Hill Club and is unsure right now what he will be studying. He is excited to be living in a new city and cannot wait to explore it. Fun fact: he was hit with a golf ball in the head once, and his GPA went up right after the incident. He claims that golf ball knocked some sense into him!

Briana Garcia: Bri is from La Grange Country Club and is studying physiological sciences. She cannot wait to experience new things in this lovely city. Fun fact: she used to be in a band and played the drums.

Amber Humphres: Amber is from McHenry Country Club and will be studying exercise science. For her first year at Marquette, she is really excited to be associated with a new community and be able to meet people and experience new things. She cannot wait to get involved in more clubs and around the university. Fun fact: she has played soccer for 11 years.

Joseph Keys: Joe caddied at Hinsdale Golf Club and is actually a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. He is thrilled to be now a part of the group living in the Evans Scholarship House. Fun fact: he has played the viola for eight years.

Cormac Lee: Cormac is from Crystal Tree Golf & Country Club and will be in the school of business. Cormac is really excited for MU basketball and to experience living in a city environment. Fun fact: he plays Gaelic football in the summer.

Jose Llamas: Jose is from Ridgemoor Country Club and is studying computer science. He is most excited to study a field that really peaks his interest. Fun fact: he plays the trumpet really well.

Matthew Loffredo: Matt is from Cantigny Golf and is not quite sure what he would like to study at Marquette yet. Matt is most exited for the MU basketball games. Fun fact: Matt was a part of grounds crew at his country club.

Matthew Monge: Matthew is from Bryn Mawr Country Club and is a sophomore studying computer engineering. This year at Marquette, he is most excited about his extracurricular activities called SAE Baja. His team builds and races derby cars, and he is managing the testing of the cars this year. Over the next few weeks, he will collaborate with one of his peers to develop a stand-alone product to track lap times, lap splits, and acceleration of the cars with photo-gate sensors and a Raspberry PI. Fun fact: he programed and drove a robot in competitions during his senior year of high school. It was for his high school's FIRST robotics team. According to Matthew, it was an awesome experience and he enjoyed using his programming skills to program a robot to be controlled with a joystick.

Tara Neylon: Tara is from Midlothian Country Club and will be studying nursing at Marquette. She is looking forward to meeting new people and all of the unique experiences that she will encounter. Out of everything that Marquette has to offer, she is the most excited for all the different service opportunities throughout the school year. According to Tara, being part of the Evans Scholar family makes school even better. Fun fact: she has volunteered at a hospital since she was a freshman in high school and that helped to spark her interest in nursing.

Devon Schumann: Devon is from Oak Park Country Club and is interested in agricultural and biological engineering. Devon is looking forward to meeting many new people. Fun fact: he has two cats!

Grady Theriault: Grady is from Glen View Club and will be studying chemistry. Grady is excited for the new experiences this year. Fun fact: he has seven brothers and sisters who all caddie.

Ameillia Wedward: Ameillia is from Milwaukee Country Club and is studying political science. She is mostly excited for the friendships she will make, the connections and knowledge she will acquire from her professors, and the memories that will be made from this opportunity. Fun fact: she loves spending time with her friends, family, and running shoes.

Valeria Zendejas: Val is from Indian Hill Club and will be studying psychology. She is most excited to become involved with the ministry portion of Marquette and cannot wait to do service. Fun fact: she has only seen snow three times in her life. She has also never been in weather that was below 45 °F so she is going to need a lot of warm wishes this winter in Milwaukee!

Looking forward: The next couple weeks are going to be very busy for the Marquette Evans Scholars. We anticipate visits from Western Golf Association and from our President, Dr. Lovell. We will also be volunteering at a local food pantry. We cannot wait to see what the 2018-19 school year brings!