Current Scholars

Marquette Evans Scholars

Chapter Values:

  • Scholarship: Scholars always strive to achieve their personal best through actions that exceed expectations
  • Leadership: Scholars take initiative to be role models that respect and motivate others to reach a shared understanding
  • Character: Scholars continually develop a genuine identity of integrity, individuality and courage while inspiring others to do the same
  • Fellowship: Scholars create an environment of respect, acceptance and inclusion through actions that foster unity amongst men and women
  • Gratitude: Scholars accept and understand the gift that has been given and take the responsibility by demonstrating appreciation through action

Scholarship House address: 1318 W. Wells St. Milwaukee, WI 53233

Marquette colors: Blue and gold

Marquette mascot: Golden Eagles

Chapter History

From the moment the New Scholar class enters the James L. O’Keefe Scholarship House, they are no longer just caddies, but part of something greater.

As Marquette Evans Scholars, we thrive with the care and guidance from a prestigious Jesuit university and the Western Golf Association.

Together, we grow as men and women under one roof and forever remain a part of the Evans Scholars family. As we have all come to learn, hard work certainly pays off; therefore, we strive for excellence in and out of the classroom and the Scholarship House every single day.

We seek to create an environment allowing all Scholars to grow to their greatest potential and create experiences that will be stepping stones after graduation. From the day we receive our Scholarship letters in the mail, to the day we graduate, each step is life-changing.

A quotation the Marquette Evans Scholars embrace is "no one has a longer walk to school." As caddies, it took large strides to get here. As Scholars, it is how we take those strides to leave footprints that will represent our legacy.

Living together in the Scholarship House challenges us to be extraordinary, and we thank Marquette University, WGA Directors, donors and our families and friends who support us through this journey.

Our new house on campus was dedicated September 6, 1986.It was built on a site where president Abraham Lincoln gave an important labor and agricultural address on September 30, 1859, and it cost $800,000. Since the dedication, every September 6, is Evans Scholars Day in Milwaukee County. In 2012, the house underwent a $1.3 million renovation to upgrade all three levels and the communal spaces, including the living room, board room and study lounge.